Real-Time CRM Reports to Keep You (& Your Manufacturers) In-The-Know

Data-based decision making is the name of the game in today’s business world. Whether you’re a sales rep looking for the latest orders, sales numbers, or commissions earned at one of your accounts, or the agency owner analyzing line profitability versus your team’s selling efforts, Distifabric offers hundreds of fast, intuitive CRM reports to shine a spotlight on the things that are working, and those that aren’t. 

Making sure your agency is making money, your data-driven manufacturers’ performance expectations are met, and your sales team is paid accurately and on-time are the cornerstones of success.

Sales Activity Reports

  • One-touch manufacturer activity, opportunity and project reports configured to the preferences of each line individually without exporting anything
  • Sales funnel reports by line, by sales rep, and by stages in any combo to know if you are tracking to line revenue targets
  • Line activity compared to sales and commissions results tie it all together
  • Does the manufacturer want this information in their own CRM?  No problem, check out our CRMSync® to eliminate duplicate entry

Commission Reports

  • Commissions from your lines, sliceable by rep, by customer, by month so you can see how your agency and customers are making you money
  • Cash flow reports that track upcoming commissions based on unpaid invoices and orders that haven’t yet shipped, so you don’t have to go out to the mailbox anymore to find out if you made any money this month
  • How much do you owe each of your reps based on the commission amounts he or she earned for the company?

Sales Reports

  • Customer invoice comparisons of this year to date vs last year to date by line on mobile (while on an account call!)
  • Product “holes” reports where sales disappeared, by line, by product family, and even by part number (go get those sales back!)
  • Open orders and backlog reports if you are an order tracking agency
  • Parent customer company sales and product family rollups for those big “VP” level discussions

Worried about how you get all of this data in? You shouldn’t, as evidenced by over 300 agencies that have the same time and resource constraints as you do, yet have this information at their fingertips to drive the right business decisions.

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