Increase Sales, Profit, & Market Share

CRM for Distributors/Wholesalers

As a distributor/wholesaler, you are responsible for calling on a myriad of accounts and selling thousands of line items. It can be overwhelming. It’s your job to match the needs of the customer to the product offerings you have. You need a system that helps grow sales, increase profit, and turn inventory. Distifabric is that system.

Simplify Growing your business

Whether you consider yourself a wholesaler or distributor, your business is complex. You sell multiple products to various customers – contractors, integrators, installers, facility managers, builders, owners, tradespeople, architects, engineers, OEMs, designers, and more. On top of selling to customers, you may also need to share information with specialists within your own firm. Coordinating all these efforts effectively can be challenging. Distifabric makes it easy to grow sales, profit, and market share.

Track Your Customers From Prospect to Payment

Planning your sales calls, documenting activities, and identifying opportunities are critical for distributor/wholesaler success. Most successful salespeople tend to stop doing the basics that made them successful in the first place. Distifabric is a sales platform that ensures good habits are maintained. It is also an excellent tool for training new salespeople in proper sales acumen.

But with Distifabric, you also get a comprehensive sales data management platform that can track your sales dollars, expenses, quotes, purchase orders, contracts, and sales. See the full picture for every job, project, prospect, and customer — all in one place, as it should be.

Conduct Business in Your Inbox

Integrated with sales tools you already use

The email inbox is second nature for your salespeople. That’s why we’ve integrated Distifabric into the most popular email systems – enabling salespeople to create and update jobs, quotes, and activities and quickly plan their next sales tasks, giving them more face-to-face selling time.

  • Automatically sync data within your inbox
  • Create and update projects within Outlook or Gmail
  • Captures every email and attaches them with the proper contacts, companies, and projects
  • Sync your calendar to track sales calls
Integrate My Inbox

Reports to help salespeople manage their territory

Give your salespeople a high-level view of their territory – where the sales are coming from, where the profit is coming from, and which accounts are taking the most time, and let your salespeople adjust their efforts accordingly.

  • Increase product line breadth
  • Identify vulnerable accounts
  • Maximize ROI on expenses
  • Track results on focus lines
Automate My Reporting

Access All Your Data in Your Hand

There’s no need to take a laptop to a customer location. Distifabric is completely accessible through our mobile app.

  • Review sales numbers and trends with your customers
  • Follow-up on open quotes
  • Check for updates on new or existing opportunities
  • Document your activity on in-person sales calls
  • Use voice-to-text to accelerate data entry
  • Phone a customer and be prompted to document your call
  • Send cut sheets and drawings using custom templates
  • Appointment canceled? Find nearby clients in the mobile app
Let’s Go Mobile

Record Your Expenses On-The-Go

The easiest expense tracking happens immediately after the expense happens. Expense tracking is what most salespeople dread. Distifabric makes it easy.

Use the mobile app to capture your receipt and document the expense immediately at/after the sales call. Attribute it to a customer or project. Most expenses are entered within 30 seconds. Pain gone.

  • Fully mobile-enabled
  • Ability to log miles
  • Snap a photo of your receipts
  • Automated one-click expense reports
Learn About Expenses

Integrates With Your Existing Systems

No need for expensive third-party integrators when using Distifabric. Use our native integrations to enhance the capabilities of your sales data.

Integrate with Your ERP System

CRMSync® eliminates the need for duplicate data entry by giving you the ability to easily update your existing ERP system and link it to your data in Distifabric, in systems like Epicor Eclipse, Epicor Prophet 21, Infor, NetSuite, SAP, and more.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Email Marketing

Integration with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Autoklose. Identify which customers opened your email and clicked your product links, telling you which customers exhibit interest.

Industry Expertise for Customized Experiences

Not only is Distifabric a CRM and sales data management platform tailored specifically for distributors/wholesalers, but we also get into the nitty-gritty details of our customers’ needs. Distifabric supports and participates in industry association events, listening to common problems unique to each industry and enhancing our platform to support the future needs of distributors/wholesalers.

Real World Testimonials

Getting Started is Easier Than You Might Think

Our data team is experienced in CRMs and commission platforms, which allows us to offer turnkey data conversion. What does this mean for you? We do the heavy lifting of onboarding you into our platform so you don’t have to.